Shareholders and significant shareholder obligations

The subscribed and paid-up share capital amounted to € 831,722.50 and consisted of 8,317,225 ordinary shares following the partial execution of the share capital increase resolved by the Shareholders’ Meeting on 29 November 2021, through the issuance of 81,540 new ordinary shares pertaining to the second tranche of the 2021-2023 Stock Grant Plan.




Arim Holding S.a r.l.



EdiliziAcrobatica Spa









Updated April 10, 2024

Disclosure obligations of Significant Shareholders
Pursuant to the Euronext Growth Milan Issuers’ Regulations, EdiliziAcrobatica S.p.A. (the “Company”) must promptly disclose and make available to the public any Substantial Changes reported by Significant Shareholders regarding the ownership structure.
Pursuant to the Euronext Growth Milan Issuers’ Regulations, anyone holding at least 5% of a class of financial instruments of the Company is a “Significant Shareholder”.
Exceeding the 5% threshold and reaching or exceeding the thresholds of 5%, 10%, 15%, 20%, 25%, 30%, 35%, 40%, 45%, 50%, 66.6%, 75%, 90% and 95% constitute, pursuant to the Transparency Rules, a “Substantial Change” that must be reported, pursuant to Article 11 of the Articles of Association, by the Significant Shareholders to the Company’s Administrative Body.
In this regard, each Significant Shareholder must notify the Company, within four trading days, from the day of the occurrence of the transaction giving rise to the Substantial Change, of the following information:
a) the identity of the Significant Shareholders involved;
b) the date on which the Substantial Change of shareholdings occurred;
c) the price, amount and category of the Company’s financial instruments involved;
d) the nature of the transaction;
e) the nature and extent of the Significant Shareholder’s investment in the transaction.
The notification may be made using the form attached hereto, sent in advance by email to: or by fax to 010-3106440 and then sent in the original by registered mail with return receipt to the Company.