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The technique that Acrobatica has been using for 30 years to <strong>restore beauty and safety</strong> to the country's architectural heritage was the subject of a television programme called “<strong>Storie di Palazzi</strong>”, produced in collaboration with <strong>Cairo RCS Media and Prodotto Fattori di Videoproduzioni</strong>.

“Storie di Palazzi”, <strong>aired on LA7</strong> in the 2022/2023 season, showed in 10 20-minute episodes the spectacular nature of our acrobatic masonry works. It illustrated how our know-how can be used to carry out inspections, restoration and renovation work, including on <strong>historic heritage buildings of</strong> Italy, ensuring <strong>total freedom</strong>.

The programme, featuring our ropeway masons, has also won two major awards: the <strong>Brand Loyalty Awards at the Grand Prix 2023</strong> and the <strong>TV Original Production Project Award at the Branded Content & Entertainment Awards 2023</strong>.