Let’s bring value back to beauty

Acrobatica, the main sponsor of ADSI, is the leading company in Europe and the Middle East in the field of double safety rope construction techniques. This innovative technique allows us to carry out renovation, securing, cleaning, restoration and many more jobs, quickly and very sustainably.
Acrobatica Restauri is the company division that protects and preserves buildings of artistic and cultural-historical interest.


The double safety rope technique makes it possible to perform effective but non-invasive interventions on works that require special care and attention.
Our working method means we don’t affect the integrity of the
site and its beauty can still be fully enjoyed, even while the work is being carried out
We help preserve historical, artistic and architectural heritage throughout the country. We can provide degradation mapping and analysis that allows us to design interventions to prevent the deterioration of the building in real time.


Why choose Acrobatica Restauri:

Security for residents

We eliminate the risk of intrusion from the outside, ensuring total security for those living in the buildings where we intervene.

Rapid execution of work

We act promptly to secure buildings and ensure rapid execution, reducing delivery times.


Even during the works, the affected structure remains fully usable and accessible to visitors and tourists.