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Lines of business

We are different bodies, but we have only one mind:
an Acrobatica mind.

This means that we have chosen to bring our experience and reliability to different areas. We started with rope access construction, but we have several business lines that deal specifically with activities that require special skills: we are strengthening our method and diversifying in line with to customer needs to improve the result.


Acrobatica is Europe's largest group specialising in rope access construction, a special technique that allows external renovation work to be carried out using ropes: masons can work in complete safety while ensuring speed of execution and zero invasiveness.

Acrobatica Restauri

Living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, we have grown up understanding that beauty must be protected and preserved , so that it can survive time and generations.

Acrobatica Smart Living

The future of the planet is closely linked to energy transition. Ever since Acrobatica was founded 30 years ago, we have sought to reduce our environmental impact as much as possible.

Acrobatica Fotovoltaico

In 2023, we will launch the new business unit specifically for photovoltaics. We have a team of photovoltaic experts trained to install systems in individual apartment buildings, through condominium administrators, as well as in private buildings.

Acrobatica Multiservizi

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, we started a new business branch: Acrobatica Multiservizi, providing sanitisation, cleaning, rodent control, pest control and landscaping services in the common areas of residential and non-residential buildings.

Acrobatica On The Ground

Acrobatica On The Ground is a new line of business created to respond to the numerous and ever-growing requests from our customers who know the professionalism of our masons but ask for work not requiring the double rope technique but doable with “feet on the ground”.


Wind power is an energy source that has made great forwards strides in recent years.
It requires little maintenance, needs little space and is very competitive. This is why it plays a key role internationally in the energy transformation towards the use of green sources.


Only through knowledge can each human being grow and improve, to achieve personal and professional goals. Each of us learns in myriad different ways, with the will to move forward in the world by promoting the best version of ourselves.


Acrobatica's new project starts in Genoa, this time in the 'catering' sector. Just as our company’s success story began in Genoa 30 years ago, the DEA DeliziAcrobatica adventure can similarly follow in its tracks.

Acrobatica AI

In an increasingly interconnected world, where revolutionary technologies are making a difference to people's lives, we weren't about to be left behind.