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Acrobatica Restauri

Living in one of the most beautiful countries in the world, we have grown up understanding that beauty must be protected and preserved so that it can survive time and generations.
This is why we have created a company branch that deals with monumental restoration with double safety rope access. Over the course of time, we have been involved in the restoration of some of the world’s most famous heritage structures, including the Ponte Vecchio in Florence, the Mole Antonelliana in Turin, the Vatican Walls, Rome’s Imperial Forum, the Cathedrals of Orvieto and Siena, and the city walls of Carcassonne, France.

We have done this while ensuring that the building operators do not have to close or restrict access for a single day, allowing the tens tens of thousands of tourists and visitors to continue to enjoy the wonderful views that these structures offer, unrestricted from any angle. Perhaps we even add a bit of spectacle for anyone who’s in the area and happens to look upwards


We eliminate the risk of intrusion from the outside, ensuring total security for the historic buildings and monuments we work on.


We keep the structure usable as works progress, so that people can continue to enjoy the view of the historical buildings and monuments undergoing maintenance.

Low environmental impact

We use sustainable materials and techniques that maintain the integrity of both the historic building (or monument) and the environment.

Who we're aiming at

Private owners of historic buildings

Public and private organisations and associations