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Acrobatica is Europe’s largest group specialising in rope access construction, a special technique that allows external renovation work to be carried out using ropes: masons can work in complete safety while ensuring speed of execution and zero invasiveness.

Today we have 9 different business lines offering a wide range of services, not only using rope access, to ensure that our customers have an experience that exceeds their expectations.

Our goal is never just to do a good job, but to ensure that our customers can live a better life through what we do.

Security for residents

We eliminate the risk of intrusion from the outside, ensuring total security for those living in the buildings where we intervene.

Rapid execution of work

We act promptly to secure buildings and ensure rapid execution, reducing delivery times.

Zero invasiveness

We ensure light, free access and the cleanliness of all outdoor spaces during renovation work.

Low environmental impact

We use sustainable materials and techniques that maintain the integrity of your building and the environment.

Scheduled maintenance

We offer the opportunity to plan and defer several jobs on a quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis at no extra cost.

Quality assurance

We guarantee the use of excellent materials and a consistent quality standard throughout the country.

Who we're aiming at

Condominium administrators

Private individuals

Hotels and companies