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Acrobatica Multiservizi

In 2020, at the height of the pandemic, we started a new business branch: Acrobatica Multiservizi provides sanitation, cleaning, rodent control, pest control and landscaping in the common areas of residential and non-residential buildings.. Essential services to make every building more beautiful and liveable. Offering our unwavering professionalism and one-stop-shop convenience for the customer, we can take care of the building you live or work in and turn it into the perfect place for your family or your employees and customers.

From routine to extraordinary maintenance, from gutter cleaning to stair cleaning, from re-roofing to indoor and outdoor sanitation, we take care of it all.

The Acrobatica Multiservizi team is made up of conscientious, dedicated men and women who are trained to understand and meet the customer’s needs and ensure the utmost professionalism in every job.

Scheduled maintenance

We offer the option to plan and defer several jobs on a quarterly, half-yearly and yearly basis at no extra cost.

Low environmental impact

We use sustainable materials and techniques that maintain the integrity of your building and the environment.

Nationwide coverage

We operate throughout Italy with the same standards of excellence and safety, guaranteeing the use of high-quality materials.

Who we're aiming at

Condominiums and detached houses

Commercial buildings and accommodation providers

Public places