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On the side of the planet

Every single human being has a deep responsibility for the planet we live on.

Our planet is our home, the place that houses and protects us. And each of us has a duty to respect and care for it.

At Acrobatica we are fully aware of this responsibility and pursue it by following the principle that has always been the guiding vision of our Brand: to transform construction culture in the world.

This means making construction lighter, more sustainable and less invasive. A forward-looking construction culture that is more respectful of the planet and everyone’s life. Our double safety rope technique is based on the use of ropes and is itself eco-friendly. But this is no longer enough for us, so for some years now we have been running various initiatives that are making Acrobatica a greener and clear-minded group:

we pledger respect for the planet and actively commit ourselves to creating a better future.

Implemented a plan for recycling and reducing the consumption of materials used in offices throughout Italy, such as: eliminating disposable water bottles andreplacing, them with dispensers ; equipping offices with reusable water bottles for each and every employee materials and opting for green materials in daily use.

Implemented a green mobility plan with a target of 95% use of hybrid or electric cars by 2025. We know that mobility has a big impact on the environment, so reducing CO2 emissions by using modern and sustainable vehicles is also a commitment we make.

Converted our energy agreements into green energy contracts in order to draw as much energy as possible from renewable sources that do not deplete the planet’s resources. We believe that renewables are the future – the future we want to help build.

We choose suitable suppliers to provide the main materials and goods we need for our business, because we believe that our suppliers should share our value, the most important one being respect for and protection of the environment.