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Training and development of human capital

Acrobatica believes that people are the key to its success and has always chosen to invest in the training of all staff.

In order to foster and help the professional and human growth of the Group's people, we set up an internal training academy that provides monthly training days to all staff. Courses are run by Group managers who excel in a specific field. As well as training their colleagues, they collaborate with technical experts in business and humanistic consulting, such as the experts at Edac i-profile OSM Partner.

“Our strength,” underlines Managing Director Anna Marras, “lies in giving our young people the technical and human tools to succeed in their work”.

Precisely because the jewel in the company crown is the availability of internal career development – and for us human capital has always created economic capital – Acrobatica allows all Group staff who stand out for their attitude, aptitude, ambition and achievements to grow in key company roles (area coordinators, area managers, project managers for new projects, internal trainers, etc). Over the years, in our quest to transform construction culture in the world, we have revisited the figure of the ropeway operator, reframing it as the WallmanW – a valued figure who stands out not only for his technical masonry expertise, but also for his interpersonal skills.

The WallmanW Academy is an in-house academy created to provide continuous technical and personal training for ropeway masons, giving them the opportunity to enhance their skills and grow in professional and human terms. At the end of this course, WallmanW certification is awarded to participants who distinguish themselves for quality and respect for safety in the execution of works, and who demonstrably possess specific skills and competences in the coordination and care of relationships between members of operational teams.

Diversity and inclusion: different bodies, one mind

The Group operates in a predominantly male-dominated sector, so we prioritise gender representation, aiming to balance the presence of men and women within the organisation. The company is indeed led by a woman – Anna Marras; – and the head office, at the Genoa Operations Headquarters, is approximately 40% female.
By 2021, the first female acrobatic masons appeared and initiatives to reduce the gender pay gap were introduced.
Our employees and collaborators come from 32 countries around the world, which underlines our concrete focus on diversity and inclusion issues.

Safety at work

Given the inherently hazardous nature of the activities performed, occupational health and safety is an issue of paramount importance. As proof of this, in 2012 EdiliziaAcrobatica S.p.A. obtained certification of its occupational health and safety management system in accordance with BS OHSAS 18001, and in 2016, the certification was renewed by Bureau Veritas. The migration from OHSAS 18001 to ISO 45001:2018 took place in 2021.
Acrobatica places people's general well-being at the heart of its business activities and runs constant training activities that keep its employees constantly up-to-date with regard to health and safety regulations and best practices in the sector.