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RAQMAR (2024)

RAQMAR is a film by director Aurelio Grimaldi about one of the most calamitous and neglected phenomena of our time: the trafficking of young men from North African countries to Europe and Italy for sexual exploitation. We chose to produce this film because we believe that culture has an important social purpose and that cinema can address uncomfortable but pressing issues in a constructive way. After reading the script and knowing the sensibilities of Aurelio Grimaldi, one of the most accomplished auteur film directors of our time, we had no doubts. Raqmar marked the consolidation of a partnership with Grimaldi already begun with our involvement in his previous work, “Il Delitto Mattarella” (The Mattarella Murder). The film will be in cinemas in 2024.

BRADO (2022)

Brado tells the story of a complex father-son relationship, starring by Kim Rossi Stewart (who is also the film's director) and Saul Nanni, a rising young star of auteur cinema. Our involvement in this film shot in 2021 was technical: In the film, Saul in fact plays a young man who is an acrobatic mason by trade: we trained him and provided technical support in all the scenes of the film in which he appeared as a ropeway operator.


It was one of the darkest episodes of the recent history of our country: the Cosa Nostra murder of Sicily Region President Piersanti Mattarella, brother of Sergio, the current President of the Republic. A story that only Aurelio Grimaldi’s sensitivity and courage could tell with such extraordinary historical fidelity. For this reason, and to help keep alive the memory of an honest man loyal to the institutions of the State, we decided to co-produce this film. The venture marked our first foray into the world of cinema.