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SuperEroiAcrobatici (Acrobatic Superheroes)

Let’s bring a smile to every child fighting for their life.

For years Acrobatica has supported SEA – SuperEroiAcrobatici (Acrobatic Superheroes), a third sector voluntary organisation. Wherever is a child fighting for their life, a Superhero from SEA is ready to bring them a smile. This is the mission of SEA – SuperEroiAcrobatici, the non-profit association founded by Anna Marras that we have been supporting since its inception. SEA is made up of dozens of acrobatic volunteers who disguise themselves as superheroes, fairytale and cartoon characters and perform spectacular abseils from the roofs of major Italian hospitals. To date, we have brought smiles to young hospital patients in Bambin Gesù in Rome, Regina Margherita in Turin, Gaslini in Genoa and Sant’Orsola in Bologna, among others. While it is true that not everyone can “physically” be a Superhero and swoop down from above, everyone can be a Super Hero of the heart and support SEA with a donation to this IBAN: IT84H0503401400000000030000

Eyes full of wonder, huge smiles and little hands pointing upwards signals the upwelling of emotions that accompanies every SEA event.

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Acrobatica supports OSM Edu, a project for young people between the ages of 14 and 21 seeking to help them make informed choices for a prosperous future. Through the scholarships offered by the companies, deserving and motivated young people have the opportunity to study at the Edu Talent Academy – the first entrepreneurship and leadership academy for young people, dedicated to developing their talents.

In 2023, the “Discover your talent, live your dream” class adoption project also took place, involving children from the ‘Istituto Superiore Firpo Buonarroti’ school in Genoa. By filling out the OSM Talent questionnaire, the youngsters were able to become aware of their talents and soft skills, such as emotional intelligence, organisational capability, knowledge, responsibility, autonomy, vision and creativity, relating to others, and leadership. They could then get in touch with us Acrobats and get a taste of future opportunities and possibilities.


For the last two years Acrobatica has been a sponsor of the Spazzapnea event, a competition initiative dedicated to cleaning beaches and seabeds, in which divers and volunteers scour the coastline on foot and collect as much rubbish as possible.

At the Marina di Pisa last June, we met and interviewed the renowned multiple World Champion Italian freediver Umberto Pelizzari, who said:

“I had Jacques Mayol as my apnea teacher. He always told me that we have to think globally but act locally, that everyone can make a small contribution but together we can really make a difference. I believe that Spazzapnea expresses precisely this value: if everyone would commit to doing their part in cleaning the oceans, within a few years things could really start to change”.


Ocean Lovers

In 2021 Acrobatica joined the “Ocean Lovers” project by supporting the Posidonia Green Lovers group. Acrobatica helped out by organising team building activities to raise awareness of the harmfulness of waste, especially plastic, in the marine ecosystem. During the team building days that took place on the beaches of Ravenna, Genoa, Piombino and Naples, our people got stuck into collecting waste left on the beaches. The collected waste was analysed and data was collected by applying the Marine Litter Watch protocol. The waste was then deposited in the appropriate areas according to local disposal criteria.