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Wind energy is booming and has made significant progress in recent years, partly due to the need for energy independence driven by geopolitical events.

The transformation of wind energy into electricity is an ambition that requires a marked technological effort, creating strong competition in a fast-growing market both on and off-shore.

It also happens at height. And who better than us, with our expertise in working at heights, to offer specific services in this sector.

EolicA, Acrobatica’s business unit for inspection, repair and maintenance of wind turbine blades, was established in 2022.

Our 30 years of experience in working at heights and our nationwide presence enables us to carry out timely, effective and safe operations.

What we do

Repair of blades at height, for light defects to reconstruction

Internal and external cleaning of wind turbines

Anti-corrosion treatment of metal parts

Installation and replacement of blade or gondola components

Assistance with the assembly and disassembly of wind farms

Inspection of wind turbines from the ground, on ropes or using special platforms

Who we're aiming at

Wind farms

O&M of wind energy