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About us

For us, this is something of a symbolic image because even for those of us in Acrobatica who do not work on ropes, the design is the same for everyone: we imagine a light, sustainable construction method that respects the planet and people.

We focus on the value of our people, who work every day with optimism to achieve their own transformation. And we also aim for respect for the Planet – we are looking to create a better, real future.

This gives rise to the four values that most represent us. The ones that we strive to strengthen every day and that unite us, making us truly Acrobatica.


Perseverance. Ambition. We believe, always. Because the impossible doesn’t exist when your determination is unshakeable.


Attention. Excellence. What we apply every day to improve people’s quality of life. In buildings and in our group.


Unity. Sharing. Ready to help and support each other, like in a real, big “acrobatic” family.


Diversity. Inclusion. We look at things from a different perspective, but we consider all of them. Beyond appearances, for diversity.