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One rope (actually two), the best people and the best tools.

In Acrobatica we don't do everything: our goal is to do what we know and do it simply and well. This is why we have created a business model that is perfectly replicable and scalable anywhere. And this model has enabled us to give young entrepreneurs the opportunity to start an Acrobatica business in their local area through franchising.
Acrobatica is therefore also a franchise brand with offices throughout Italy. The project began at the Milan Franchising Fair in 2015 when an agreement was signed for the first opening in Biella. The success of the Acrobatica Franchise is assured by our business model and by the continuous support and training that the Group provides to each franchisee on their path to success.

All Acrobatica branded points, whether direct or franchised, were designed by Arcabi Associates, one of the top international architecture and interior design firms.
The guiding idea that characterises and distinguishes Acrobatica points stems precisely from the lightness of the ropes – a distinctive part of our activity and a great innovation in the construction world.
Inspiration comes from the world of art and culture; these two inherent aspects of construction activity bestow our customers with an experience that is not only serene and efficient but also suffused in beauty.
Spectacular photographic blow-ups of some of the most important acrobatic works performed in Italy and around the world, juxtaposed with the brand's signature colours of yellow and blue, give each point a welcoming and immediately identifiable look.