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The main players

Lorenzo Scussat

In my journey I have been fortunate to join a team of wonderful people. Since I opened the first Acrobatica franchise point in Mestre in 2016, they have worked to help me grow on all fronts, personal as well as professional. Together with them I was able to overcome my limitations and, despite the respectful work relations, we always pushed each other to give the best to our customers.
I could talk a lot about the assistance, support, presence and affection I receive, but the truth is that every day we grow and make someone close to us grow. This why I continue to strengthen my relationship with the company. And a few years ago I opened a second point in Treviso, but at the same time also worked on strengthening my collaboration with the Group by actively participating in geo-intelligence projects. For me this meant new challenges, new horizons and many new successes to enjoy.

Giulio Tarlati

I discovered ropework in Florence in 2014 and it immediately fascinated me, because seeing it applied in a city as spectacular as Florence is really exciting. I discovered Acrobatica little by little, and became impressed by its renown. And I completely fell for it when I moved to Rome for work; there I really came into contact with the acrobatic world and was fascinated by it. In fact, I soon decided to affiliate and went into business in my own home area, opening an Acrobatica point in Grosseto. Before opening in my area 100%, I studied and trained as a salesman in Rome to understand exactly how the business model worked, so that Grosseto would really flourish. Because I can leave my own place, sure, but only for a short time and only to come back, as I have done, with a project that will make it more beautiful, welcoming and safe.

Paola Zizioli

My husband and I decided to open an Acrobatica franchise, driven by the conviction that it is a winning project for many reasons, but first and foremost for its innovation. But the decider was when we got to know the company better, especially its mission and vision. These were very close to our way of thinking, so we thought it was the right thing for us. Acrobatica has allowed us to bring a different solution to our local area to meet its construction needs. This is a province very rooted in and tied to standard construction methods, but we will change people’s thinking about renovation work, guaranteeing high quality in every respect, i.e. the materials chosen, safety, training of people on-site, right from the first meeting through to completion. We want to be a local benchmark for construction methods, and we are working towards that.

Federico Garofalo

I chose to embrace Acrobatica's Franchising Project because it is ambitious, and, above all, because it is structured like few others in Italy. Moreover, from the very first contact with the company, I had the feeling of being part of an extended family. What prompted me to invest in this project is the innovative way of constructing, which was absent until recently in my region, Sicily: given the morphological conditions of the area (almost all of which is in the historic centre), it will help me stand out from companies working only with traditional methods.

Andrea Cammarino

I recently joined the Acrobatica franchise family. I am passionate about innovation and technology, and this is my very first experience in the construction world.
I am originally from Puglia, where I spent my youth and completed my studies in Engineering, but I consider Europe my home, having spent several years of my life between Spain, England, Germany and Switzerland.
When I discovered the Acrobatica Franchising project, I immediately fell in love with this innovative investment concept, which is not based on the acquisition of shares, but rather on the purchase of an actual business, employing actual individuals, in a place located in a specific area: North East Milan.
To this day, I am thrilled to share this achievement, thanks mainly to the know-how and structural support of Acrobatica, which made it all possible.

Vincenzo Acanfora

Immediately after graduating from law school, I worked as a business lawyer at various law firms, until I became a corporate lawyer for a major group operating in the public procurement sector. My passion for construction and for real estate in particular stems from there. So I took a master's degree at Luiss and became a project manager, and now I work in real estate development. I love travelling, 20th century figurative painting and Romeo y Julieta's habanos.
My dream was establishing a construction company, but feared that I would not be able to differentiate myself in an already saturated market. Acrobatica offered me the opportunity to stand out, by proposing something innovative. What convinced me to invest in this project was the possibility of completing an industrial project through franchising.
Lastly, I am proud to say that, thanks to my investment, I will certainly be able to make a contribution in terms of employment in my area, and I hope also to motivate those who still believe that job creation is a state affair: I, on the other hand, I believe that we have to roll up our sleeves and get busy!

Maurizio Marzi

My name is Maurizio and I have chosen to embark on this adventure with my wife Nicoletta. We have been practising architects for over 20 years and have thus gained a broad experience in the field. We have been involved in construction, town planning and environmental design projects. Ours is a very beautiful job that has continuously given us the opportunity to grow and learn new things, but it is also a reality very hard to enclose in an entrepreneurial dimension. We therefore felt the need to channel some of our energy and resources into a more-defined business.
We had been following the development of Acrobatica for some time, because we thought it could give us the opportunity to capitalise on our technical experience, albeit in a different market. The reasons that led us to choose Acrobatica's Franchising are many, but it would be hypocritical not to mention the numbers: this reality has grown a great deal in recent years and we are certain that it will continue to do so in the future. We expect great results and are confident that we can contribute to the company.
It is not easy to bring innovation to the construction sector, which is perhaps - among the technology fields - the most traditional one. Yet Acrobatica's basic idea of operating from above is certainly a winning one.