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About us



Our story began in the carruggi alleyways of Genoa 30 years ago. Because our founder Riccardo Iovino was Genoese and a sailor.

It was on one of those sunny days you only get in Genoa that he offered to help a friend clean a gutter, using the technique he had learnt from handling sail boats: the double safety rope.
On that occasion, Riccardo's recompense was a bottle of wine (a gift from his very first satisfied customer) and a brilliant insight: applying the double safety rope technique to construction.



In 2007, Anna Marras joined Acrobatica and, believing in the company's potential, became a partner of the founder.
It was with her that Acrobatica began to take the form of the group as it is now. She was the architect of the new people selection and training strategies that enabled Acrobatica to embark on the expansion process that would take it far beyond its home borders.



In 2015 Acrobatica opened its first franchise in Biella, with an agreement signed with Maurizio Aimino. But the company's expansion of its direct and franchise offices was so rapid that the Biella point was soon absorbed by the parent company and Maurizio Aimino was appointed Italy Production Manager.
In just a few years, several far-sighted entrepreneurs had seized the opportunity to invest in Acrobatica: a company with an innovative business and constantly growing demand throughout Italy.



Acrobatica's growth was unrelenting and led the company to become a major player in the world of high finance. In November 2018, it was listed on the Italian Stock Exchange’s AIM market (now Euronext Growth Milan) and just four months later it entered Euronext Growth, a European capital market trading in Paris.



In 2019, Acrobatica opened its first operational site in France, in Perpignan, soon to be followed by others throughout the Midi. Just two years ago it entered the Spanish market, opening its first office in Barcelona. In 2022, an agreement with the ENGECO group saw it become operational also in Monte Carlo, while in 2023 it broke into the Arab market thanks to its 51% control of the ENIGMA fund, which allowed it to operate in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and Nepal.


Diversification and sustainability

The Covid year and the shutdown imposed on construction sites gave Acrobatica the opportunity to embark on a new path of diversification. It was at the height of the pandemic that the Group launched its own app – the first ever to allow condominium meetings to be held remotely – and its Multiservizi division that operates in the field of sanitation and cleaning. The year 2021 sees the birth of the Group's first subsidiary: Acrobatica Energy, active in the renewable energy market. 2022 saw the creation of the Acrobatica Monumenti business unit for monument restoration, and Eolica, specialising in wind turbine cleaning and maintenance work. In 2023, two more Acrobatica-controlled companies will join the group: Correnti, focused on the execution of a major nautical project, and DEA DeliziAcrobatica, which operates in the catering sector.

In recent years we have also shaken up the world of training Academies: along with the Acrobatica Academy and the Acrobatica Business School (the former for group managers and the latter for clients to whom we offer free training to strengthen the soft and hard skills of their firm's staff) we have created the WallManW Academy, available to our entire production force, and the Sales Academy: the latter is open to the public and to people who wish to develop their sales expertise.

In 2020 we started integrating ESG - Environmental, Social, Governance - factors into our business model by drafting and approving the ESG policy and establishing the ESG Committee. In 2021 we joined the UN Global Compact. We started converting our vehicle fleet to electric, we cut down and monitored the use of plastic in offices, we introduced new governance policies and commissioned Tetis for a LCA - Life Cycle Assessment. In the same year, we published our first Sustainability Report and achieved an ESG risk rating of 11.8, which now places us among the lowest risk companies in the construction industry (Source: Morningstar Sustainalytics).