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The only limit to how high we can go is how high we believe we can go.

And if starting a construction company in your area today seems like a mountain too high to climb, don’t worry – you’ll find that an Acrobatica Franchise means gaining anopportunity of sure-fire success, guaranteed by the company’s know-how and the best practices. In the last 10 years these ingredients have led the company to grow from about eighty to thousands of collaborators, spreading constantly in Italy and around the world. By investing in the project, you have the opportunity to start your own business in your own city with a solid, well-structured brand behind you. You will become an entrepreneur, creating jobs in your area and introducing a service that improves the quality of life for many people. Joining the Acrobatica Group gives you access to training courses that will guide you to success and to a team that supports you at every stage of your growth.

Customised training

Before starting your business, our construction franchise project will allow you to participate in customised training courses to help you learn both the technical and sales aspects of the job. You can learn about all the successful strategies that Acrobatica has pioneered over the years.

On-site coaching activities are part of the training, focused on deepening knowledge of the different types of work and the practical organisation of teams. There will be a period devoted to the technical side to learn the procedures for starting, executing and closing jobs, and a training period on the sales aspect, focused on learning how to produce an effective quote and how to use our management system. Other days will be devoted to sales coaching, which helps trainees discover the best sales strategies. In addition, you will have one of our experts present during the first meetings with the customer and you will be able to share your results with us during regular monthly meetings.

Coaching by qualified Acrobatica personnel will also cover the area of personnel management, with the aim of providing franchisees with practical training to ensure effective working relationships between the franchisee and their staff.

All-round assistance

You will be part of a Group that each year invests in Marketing and Advertisingthrough all the main communication channels. This way we tell the story of the values that set us apart, give shape and colour to our identity and represent the thousand faces of the people who are the group’s true driving force. A story that reaches every city and small town; the beginning of a story that you yourself will unfurl in your city. And once the business has been set up, Acrobatica’s constant support will continue over time, ensuring that the franchisee can always avail of the expertise gained during the long journey that has seen the company become a leader in its sector.

Know-how gained from 30 years of experience in the field.

All services performed by Acrobatica are fine-tuned and tested by 30 years of experience in the field and are marked by quality that always strives for excellence. From renovations and maintenance of façades, ledges and balconies to gutter and chimney structures, and indeed for any outdoor work, we guarantee safety for residents, low business impact and rapid completion of work.