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Genoa, 11 January 2024: EdiliziAcrobatica S.p.A. (“Company” or “ACROBATICA”), the parent of the group of the same name, announces the number of contracts signed during 2023 which, with an increase of +48%, went from 17,925 contracts in 2022 to 26,550. This result reflects the strong growth in the number of customers, which saw a year-on-year increase of +100%.

With this extraordinary result for the year just ended the Group enters 2024 with momentum as it celebrates 30 years of business with a party that will take place in Genoa on January 13th, launching the rebranding of its concept in the Italian market by changing its logo from EdiliziAcrobatica to Acrobatica. During the course of the year we will therefore see the new design on vehicles, sales offices, uniforms, digital and other assets in all the cities where the Group is operational. The change will be gradual and conscientious, in keeping with the Group’s ESG policies.

Anna Marras, CEO of Acrobatica Group: “We ended the year with some extraordinary results that we are extremely proud of. Of particular note is the growth in customers, which have doubled, an unequivocal sign of the expertise and reliability of our human resources, currently some 2,500, all united and in lockstep when it comes to Acrobatica’s overall objective: to revolutionise construction culture throughout the world. All this despite the fact that 2023 was not an easy year for the Acrobatica family from an emotional point of view, marked by the untimely death of our founder Riccardo Iovino.

Domenico Caputo, Group Sales Director: “The success we saw in 2023 is the result of work we began many years ago when we decided to embark on a path to invest in the training of human resources who are prepared at every level to manage customer relations, not only with a view to building customer loyalty but also to be available and to listen. A 48% increase in the number of contracts signed in a year in which the market suffered a backlash due to the reduction of state incentives is proof of what we have been saying all along: Acrobatica is being chosen by an increasing number of customers regardless of whether or not state aid is available because group companies have continued to devote their full attention and care to each of our customers”.

Simona Filice, Group Brand & Marketing Officer: “The new logo is the icing on the cake of our brand strategy born from the desire to tell our story with a single distinctive logo that represents us everywhere and is immediately understood by anyone who is in one of the cities where we offer our services, from Palermo to Dubai. A brand that unequivocally communicates our story, our know-how, our values and our people: our true distinctive strength, with which we strive to ensure efficiency and peace of mind even when it comes to construction”.

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