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Acrobatica On The Ground

Acrobatica On The Ground is a new line of business created in order to respond to the numerous and ever-growing requests from our customers who know the professionalism of our masons but ask for work not requiring the double rope technique but doable with “feet on the ground”. These jobs include painting building interiors, erecting plasterboard walls or laying floors.

A way to complete your building care and optimise time and resources by relying on a single supplier and maintaining the level of quality you want. For us, it also means work continuity for all our production staff: this new line of business in fact includes Acrobatica masons who for age reasons can no longer work at heights but have valuable professional experience that we don’t want to lose and cannot lose. It is an opportunity to keep jobs going and ensure the growth and soundness that has always been a strength in Acrobatica.

All-round services

We offer the customer a more comprehensive service for building work all over the building, not only on the exterior.


We guarantee the customer the highest quality with specialised staff, also for interior and common area work.

Single point of contact

We guarantee the customer peace of mind in dealing with a single point of contact.

Who we're aiming at

Condominium administrators

Private individuals

Hotels and companies